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Best CBG Oils in Canada Reviewed for 2024

The best CBG oils in Canada are third-party tested and offer buyers a Certificate of Analysis with each purchase. 


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Selection of CBG Oils in Canada 

🏆 Best CBG OilHonest Botanicals CBG Oil
🌿Cheapest CBG OilPure CBG Oil by Mellow 

We have selected these CBG oils after thoroughly examining the options available in the current market. To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, each of these items has also passed rigorous tests for quality and purity. In addition to being produced by the most famed and reputable brands, these CBG oils are also customer-approved. We have reviewed user testimonials extensively to check the real-world potential of these items as well as their legality.  

CBG Oils Reviews 

  1. Pure CBG Oil by Mellow 
  2. Ethical Botanicals: Full-spectrum 2500 mg. CBD Oil

Top Rated CBG Oils Reviews 

With offerings by classic, reputable brands like Mellow and Honest Botanicals, these products are sure to meet all your requirements. From CBD Isolate formulations to THC-free mixes, these items represent the best CBG oils in Canada.  

1. Pure CBG Oil by Mellow

Mellow Oil Purity CBG Oil (1)

The pure CBG oil from Mellow is a 900 mg formula offering 30 mg cannabigerol per ml. The brand uses special nanotechnology to offer a THC-free blend that can be used daily. The Mellow Oil Purity CBG Oil is as pure as they come, as it contains minimal ingredients, limited to MCT oil and pure CBG extract.  In addition, the brand offers a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee on their products as well as an affiliate loyalty program.  

  • 30 mg CBG per serving 
  • Minimal ingredients 
  • Taste may not suit everyone 

2. Honest Botanicals CBG Oil

CBG Oil – No THC – Honest Botanicals (1)

Offering 1000 mg strength CBG in a 30 ml package, each serving of Honest Botanicals CBD Oil offers up to 33.3 mg cannabigerol. As buyer Rhea M puts it, this oil is “ Pure – Authethtic – Reliable,” “a fantastic NO THC option for peaceful sleep and natural pain relief.” 

The product is handcrafted and sourced from British Columbia to ensure only the highest-grade Canadian ingredients are used. With lab results available for each batch, this is one of the most reliable CBD products on the market.  

  • Canadian-made 
  • 33.3 mg CBG per serving 
  • Limited sizing 

CBG (Cannabigerol) Overview 

Though similar in composition, CBG is not the same as CBD. In fact, in the chronological production of compounds, cannabigerol outdates cannabidiol within the cannabis system. Often called the “mother cannabinoid,” this substance, or at least its pre-decarboxylated variant, forms the basis of both CBD and THC. 

Recognized by the chemical formula C21H32102, CBG is one of the 120+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is less prominent than both tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol – in fact, there is less than 1% CBG found in matured hemp plants. This reduced quantity is caused because most of the cannabigerol transforms into THC or CBD upon maturing. As a result, the cannabigerol quantity is more pronounced in young plants rather than flowering, matured hemp.  

Therefore, to make CBG oils, cultivators have to opt for young instead of full-grown hemp crops. Since most cannabigerol acid transforms into other cannabinoids, it is best to harvest cannabis between 6 to 8 weeks of planting.  

Since CBG is more difficult to harvest, the prices for these oils are also higher. A kilogram of cannabigerol may retail for $30,000 to $50,000, depending on product purity and quality.  

How Can Cannabigerol Work on the Body? 

According to a 2018 study published in the Front Pharmacol journal, CBG works similarly to CBD. This study shows that, like cannabidiol, CBG interacts primarily with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. However, this company also seems to have a higher affinity for the former. At times, cannabigerol was suspected to be a partially competitive antagonist to CB1 receptors. 

The same study also shows that CBG can be considered an effective regulator of endocannabinoid signalling. In other words, like cannabidiol, this compound works primarily by modulating the responses in the endocannabinoid system. By regulating the functioning of stimuli connected to the brain and the immune system, CBG may potentially offer the same benefits as CBD.  

These effects include improved sleep, pain regulation, stress relief, and more. In addition, CBG may have more antibacterial benefits than CBD. This property may improve the potential application of cannabigerol in cosmetic and skincare products.  


Potential Benefits of CBG 

As mentioned above, cannabigerol can potentially offer several unique benefits if used correctly. As a cannabis product, this compound has several analgesic and anxiolytic properties that may be helpful for conditions like 

High Blood Pressure 

According to studies, CBD may help improve heart health in users. CBG works to improve blood pressure via its interactions with the CB1 receptors. Attached to the central nervous system, these stimuli play a crucial role in regulating blood pressure levels. Alpha 2 receptors, in particular, have a direct connection to the heart rate – by acting as an antagonist to these receptors, cannabigerol may help control blood pressure.  

Gastrointestinal Issues 

Using CBG oil may potentially help control irregular bowel movements and inflammation. This compound may have the power to treat inflammatory bowel disease. By interacting with the CB2 receptors, cannabigerol signals to the immune system to reduce inflammation in the digestive system. As a result, they are a natural solution to dealing with such issues.  

Potential Side Effects of CBG 

Proper dosage is essential to achieve the benefits of CBG oil. Without proper medical supervision, the opposite may be the case. Careless use of cannabigerol-based items may lead to side effects such as  

Appetite Changes 

According to a 2021 study, 15% of participants experienced minor/major changes to their appetite after introducing CBG to their routine. One of the major reasons for this is that cannabigerol, like CBG, has the potential to affect the body’s leptin production. 

This hormone is crucial in regulating your diet as it signals the brain about how “full” you are after each meal. By interacting with this system, CBG may cause unwarranted weight changes.  

Cotton Mouth 

A common side effect of using CBG oils, this phenomenon refers to the drying of the mouth. Caused by the effect of terpenes on the mouth’s saliva production, cotton mouth can cause general unpleasantness and affects around 16.5% of all users. However, the effects of cannabigerol are temporary, and the saliva glands begin to produce moisture after the effects of CBG have faded.  

Is it Legal to Buy CBG in Canada? 

Along with Uruguay, Canada was one of the first countries to legalize cannabis and related products federally. Today it is among the 18+ countries where purchasing cannabis is legal for adults over 18/19 years of age.  

Since its legalization on Oct 17, 2018, it is thus legal to buy CBG in Canada. However, the Canadian Cannabis Law, the premier legislation guiding CBD legalization in the country, has several provisions guiding its trade. For example, 

  • No CBG oil can be marketed as a medical item.  
  • Though federally legal, state bodies have the final say in the type of authorizations available for CBG products. 
  • CBG oil packaging must be clean and informative, containing details on the toxicity levels. 
  • Ingredients and content levels must be clearly mentioned on CBD oil labels.  

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How to Choose the Best CBG Products in Canada? 

When choosing your CBG oils, quality and purity are key factors to look out for. Though it is not a surefire way to avoid substandard products, opting for Canadian-made goods may help you avoid potential issues. CBG oils made locally have the potential to offer more benefits because these items are generally difficult to produce.  

Government laws on CBG products are stringent despite CBG and other related products being federally legal in Canada. Producers need licenses from governmental bodies like Canada Health and Canada Revenue Agency to make CBG oils. In addition, the rules on CBG trade vary from state to state.  

Because of these strictly enforced measures, the brands that make their products within the country may be counted upon to offer standard, high-grade blends. In addition, you can review the production methods for these companies before buying your CBG oil. 

You should opt for a CO2-extracted oil for best results over other methods. This process uses liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide to extract CBG from hemp plants without leaving a residue. The result is a pristine, solvent-free product, something you would not find with a distillate or alcohol-extracted oil.  

A Certificate of Analysis is another way that can help you buy quality products in Canada. These documents contain detailed information about the presence of heavy metals, contaminants, pesticides, harmful additives, and more in your CBG oil. In addition, it also highlights the amount of THC your item could potentially contain. However, these results must be third-party lab tested rather than being reviewed in-house to be truly reliable.  

How to Use the Best CBG Oils in Canada? 

Like Canadian CBD products, the sublingual application is the preferred way of using CBG oils. Unlike oral intake, this allows the faster absorption of the cannabinoid. To use your CBG oil, you will need to measure an appropriate dose. 

A daily intake of 10 mg to 50 mg ought to do the job. However, you can adjust the dose depending on your symptoms and requirements. For example, a 2.5 mg to 20 mg dose is best if you use your cannabigerol for general relaxation purposes. Similarly, a range of 10 mg to 25 mg is fitting for post-workout routines.  

You can opt for 25 mg to 30 mg for more serious conditions. However, for best conditions, it is best to consult your doctor first. Like CBD, cannabigerol depends on factors like :

  • Symptoms 
  • Product Potency 
  • CBG Extract Type 
  • Metabolism 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Drug Tolerance 
  • Body Weight 
  • Existing Medications 

A medical professional will only assign you the correct amount after considering all these factors. If you are trying to find an appropriate dose, you can start with a low dose first. O.4 mg of CBG per kg of body weight is an appropriate dose for beginners. In addition, when using CBG oil, you should keep the product under your tongue for at least 30 seconds.  

Doing this will allow the cannabinoids in the oil to be efficiently absorbed into the system.  

cbg-oils (3)

Advantage of Using CBG Oils 

Improved Applications 

Compared to cannabidiol, cannabigerol can potentially be more effective in treating skin conditions. Studies show that this compound has strong antibacterial properties. Working its antimicrobial magic, CBG oil could help kill disease-causing bacteria.  

This product can thus help counter conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and more. Research even suggests that cannabigerol can help eradicate medication (methicillin)-resistant bacteria. CBD oil may help protect the body from staph infections by countering the growth of these pathogens.  

Disadvantage of Using CBG Oils 

Higher Price Range 

Compared to CBD, cannabigerol typically has a higher price range. These products tend to be more expensive because manufacturers have to use young plants instead of matured hemp. Since the CBG content in full-grown cannabis is less than 1%, young hemp has to be harvested to make CBG oil. This practice may hinder the cultivators from using the other parts of the plant as they tend to be young and tender. Such cutbacks add to the overall cost adding to the heftier price tag.  

Best Alternatives to Consume CBG 

As with CBD products, CBG items aren’t limited to oils alone – products like gummies, capsules, and vape juices are available that all have cannabigerol as the base ingredient. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can easily opt for any of these options. 

For example, CBG gummies offer a more viable, user-friendly alternative to the best CBD oils. With these items, you do not have to worry about measuring a perfect dose for each use. Each gummy instead contains a fixed amount of cannabidiol, which makes this product perfect for the public or use on the go.  

CBG gummies also are compactly sized, meaning they can be packed and consumed discreetly. These jellies are also better tasting compared to CBG oils. Ingredients like sweeteners and natural flavours improve the overall flavour, adding to the product’s appeal.  

For an old-school take on cannabis items, you can also opt for CBG capsules. These items offer a longer effect time, as they last over 5 hours. In addition, capsules also help users avoid the taste of CBG altogether.  

Final Thoughts: What is the Best CBG Oil in Canada? 

Brands like Melow and Honest Botanicals represent the best CBG oils available on the Canadian market. These items combine the unique benefits of cannabigerol with the characteristic properties of cannabis. The result is a unique mix, distinctly different from CBD-based blends. 

These items can be considered to be the best in Canada because they offer top-notch transparency and quality. These cannabigerol oils are made using high-grade, locally sourced hemp. In addition, these manufacturers also used the most sophisticated extraction machinery to acquire the CBG from the cannabis plants.  

In addition, all the best CBG oils in Canada are third-party tested and offer buyers a Certificate of Analysis with each purchase.  

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