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Where To Buy The Best Isolate CBD In Canada (2024)? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the numerous cannabinoids naturally found in the hemp plant. There are three types of cannabidiol and CBD isolate the purest form.


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Those looking for pure CBD products should give preference to isolate options. CBD isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol, as it doesn’t contain any additional cannabinoids nor terpenes. The question that remains is: where can you find the best CBD isolate in Canada? Keep reading to find out which are the top 3 options!

Top 3 Best CBD Isolate In Canada (May 2024)

  1. Mellow Purity 99% CBD Isolate
  2. Honest Botanicals 99% CBD Isolate
  3. BuyMellow Broad-spectrum 88% CBD Distillate

CBD Isolate Canada Reviews

The brands mentioned below were selected according to the reviews left by previous customers. We also considered other characteristics, such as the type of hemp used, the extraction methods, and the tests performed by third-party laboratories. Let’s have a look at the top 3 CBD isolates in Canada and their pros and cons.

1. Mellow Purity 99% CBD Isolate

Mellow Oil Purity 99_ CBD Isolate

BuyMellow offers a CBD isolate that is made from organic and non-GMO hemp. This product is 99% pure CBD that was extracted through supercritical CO2. The isolate is available in packs ranging between 1 gram and 1000 grams. It counts with hundreds of positive reviews praising the quality of the product, the fast shipping, and the weight accuracy.

  • Wide range of weight options
  • Made from organic hemp
  • Excellent reviews from customers
  • Can be very pricey

2. Honest Botanicals 99% CBD Isolate


Honest Botanicals’ CBD isolate is made from organic hemp and is extracted through the solvent method. It’s available in packs of 1 gram and 3.5 grams. Each gram of CBD isolate contains 996mg CBD. It contains numerous positive reviews from previous customers who praise it’s effectiveness at managing their mood.

  • Good quality-price ratio
  • Made from natural hemp
  • High potency CBD
  • Only two weight options are available

3. ByMellow Broad-spectrum 88% CBD Distillate


BuyMellow CBD also offers a 88% + Broad Spectrum CBD distillate. This product contains CBD and additional terpenes and cannabinoids, without any THC. It’s available in jars with weight ranging between 1 gram and 5 grams. Customer reviews indicate that this product is exactly as advertised and makes them feel more relaxed.

  • Fairly priced
  • Very good reviews from customers
  • Excellent quality of service
  • Not as easy to use as others

CBD Isolate Overview

CBD isolate is the isolated and purest form of CBD. It doesn’t contain any additional cannabinoid, nor any other compound from the hemp plant, such as terpenes. The same extraction methods could be used to produce CBD isolate. It comes in crystal form and is usually ground up and packaged as a powder.


Potential Benefits Of CBD Isolate

There is still a long way to go until we truly understand the full scope of CBD’s properties, however, some scientific reports indicate the following:

  • One literature review indicates that CBD isolate has anxiolytic effects when ingested orally
  • That same review indicates it may help people suffering from schizophrenia
  • CBD may also help people suffering from Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, dyslipidemia, and cannabis addiction
  • CBD shows anticonvulsant properties that may help manage epilepsy
  • One study in rats indicates that using CBD isolate may help alleviate the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease 

It’s important to note that the vast majority of research conducted thus far wasn’t conducted with CBD isolate, which is the reason why other potential benefits of cannabidiol aren’t mentioned in the list above.

Precautions Before Using CBD Isolate

The World Health Organization released a report in 2018 where it states that CBD is safe for human consumption and that it has a low-toxicity profile. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that in this report it’s also stated that CBD may negatively interact with prescription drugs.

Some people also indicate that they felt the following side effects after using CBD:

  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth

On the other hand, a scientific review suggests that the negative side effects of CBD may be caused due to the final products being contaminated with THC. Make sure to always consult the laboratory results issued by third-party labs.

How Can You Use CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is tasteless and odourless and is fat-soluble, so it works better when mixed with other fats. 

To ingest it orally, you can just add it directly to any food or drink of your choice:

  • Baked goods
  • Smoothies
  • Cold or hot drinks
  • Warm or cold food

In case you’re not interested in ingesting it orally, you can also use CBD isolate to prepare any type of topical. You just need to mix the powder with your favourite lotion and apply it directly to your skin.

The most important aspect of using CBD isolate is the dosage. We recommend that you consult your doctor for advice on this matter.

How To Choose The Right CBD Isolate?

The first step into selecting the right CBD isolate for you is to consult your doctor. They know about your medical history and can guide you on the right dosage. You should also give preference to CBD isolate that is from organically grown hemp, was tested by third-party laboratories and received excellent reviews from previous customers.

My Personal Choice: Mellow Water Soluble CBD Powder

My all-time favourite when it comes to CBD isolate is the nano-enhanced water-soluble option from Buy Mellow. This CBD is made from organic hemp and a little bit goes a long way. I can feel its effects pretty quickly, especially when compared with other options. The services offered by the company, such as fast shipping, make it even better!


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Final Thoughts: Why Can You Consider Buying The Best CBD Isolate?

Most people think of CBD as an oil, but there are many other options out there, one of them being CBD isolate. This product is the best option for those who like to follow CBD-infused recipes or who want to feel the purest form of cannabidiol. Moreover, it’s also excellent for people who don’t want to ingest other cannabinoids.


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How Is CBD Isolate Used?

CBD isolate can be ingested orally, either by placing it in your mouth, mixing it with food and drinks or by placing it inside capsules and taking them. The best part about this product is that it’s very easy to mix with any type of food or drink, and can also be added to lotions or creams to be applied directly to your skin.

Is Isolate CBD Stronger?

While some people might think that CBD isolate is stronger than other options, the reality is that it all depends on the potency of the product. The CBD potency of isolates is usually described by milligrams of CBD per gram of isolate. Moreover, those wishing to benefit from the entourage effect should give preference to broad-spectrum or full-spectrum options.

Is Isolate CBD Legal In Canada?

Yes, CBD isolate is legal in Canada. Since the Cannabis Act came into place, all products derived from the cannabis plant became legalized. Therefore, you can buy CBD isolate without the need for a prescription. We still recommend that you consult a doctor before using CBD, as your doctor can guide you on this journey.

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